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he ScriptCoach is a code library that contains a comprehensive library of 100 plus production ready, reusable and fully tested LotusScript functions and examples. The ScriptCoach caters to both expert and beginning Lotus Notes developers. For the expert, ScriptCoach offers a library of reusable LotusScript functions that will save time when developing Lotus Notes database or Domino applications. These functions have already been written and tested for the production environment. For the beginner, ScriptCoach offers several resources to get up to speed on the LotusScript language quickly. Every script in the ScriptCoach has a Script Walk-through section that explains how the code works line by line. The extensive Examples section demonstrates important LotusScript concepts, such as error handling, to help the beginning LotusScript programmer learn LotusScript faster and easier.

"(The ScriptCoach is) the fastest way I know to get up to speed on using LotusScript!", Gary Devendorf, Product Manager of LotusScript, Lotus Cambridge, MA. "It is a great tool for users to take the plunge into LotusScript programming".

Empower your developers with over 100 reusable functions and code examples

  • Prevent the "Re-Inventing the wheel" syndrome
  • Reduce the cost of implementing and developing Notes/Domino applications
  • Shorten the LotusScript learning curve for developers
  • Increase the return on your investment in application development by sharing existing knowledge

Developer's will save considerable time developing Domino applications with ScriptCoach because they are re-using code that already works. By simply using the "Copy Script" button, these pre-tested scripts can be inserted into LotusScript agents. ScriptCoach improves efficiency in LotusScript programming and teaches good programming style. ScriptCoach promotes collaboration within a development team by providing a vehicle for which knowledge can be shared and leveraged. By collaboration and sharing code, the same scripts can be used over and over again saving time. It not only preserves the intellectual capital invested in the development of Notes/Domino applications, it is also an excellent training tool for learning Notes classes.

Features of the ScriptCoach Code Library

  • 100-Plus LotusScript Functions - Code Library of production-ready, fully tested LotusScript functions.
  • Script Examples - Full working code examples demostrating techniques in Domino, ODBC, file handling and other essential LotusScript concepts.
  • Script Walk-Throughs - Enhance programming skills with detailed code walk-throughs and useful programming tips in every script.
  • Modular Programming Approach - The ability to cut and paste re-usable scripts into your databases.
  • Version Control - Manage the various versions/modifications to scripts provided in the ScriptCoach or created by your organization in the ScriptControl Library.
  • Repository for Scripts - Collaborate with your fellow developers by storing your own scripts in ScriptCoach.

1 User:  $500  $105 Maintenance
Volume discounts are available.

To purchase, contact Teamstudio at 800-632-9787 or on their web site.