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ebCoach for Domino is a comprehensive library of reusable web scripts that speeds the development of web sites. With this library of production-ready, reusable and fully tested scripts in your arsenal, you will be able to deliver web sites faster and at a consistently high quality. WebCoach is for any Domino developer that wants to save time in web development.

WebCoach is uniquely focused on web development for the Lotus Domino environment. That means that the reusable scripts and examples are built within a Domino database so it's easy to apply to your Domino applications without modification.

WebCoach has over 100 reusable JavaScript functions and examples that cover a broad range of web technologies, including AJAX, XML, DHTML, and CSS.

The library of reusable scripts includes: JavaScript field validation, useful prompt windows, working with cookies, specific Domino functionality such as Address Book search dialog boxes, and many others. What's more, each script includes practical examples demonstrating its use in a real-world scenario.

Features and Benefits Summary

  • Over 100 reusable JavaScript functions
  • Extended examples demonstrating complex web techniques
  • Ability to add your own custom scripts
  • Central repository for reusable functions
  • Usage notes explaining how to use each script in practice
  • Speed Web Development

WebCoach will save you time. Since everything in WebCoach is already tested, you can depend on the code to work the very first time - without customization. Each script is tested across all popular browsers, so you don't have to worry about your code working in IE, but not Netscape. In addition, the Usage Notes section explains how to use each script in practice so there is no mystery. It's like hiring a Notes consultant to come in and build your Domino web application, except at a fraction of the cost.

Prevent the Reinventing-the-Wheel Syndrome

WebCoach promotes code reuse as it is a central repository for all aspects of web development. Programmers can add their own reusable scripts to the WebCoach library so others in their team can benefit. Through collaboration and code-sharing, the same proven scripts can consistently be reused over and over again.

Why use a Code Library for Web Development?

There are a lot of unexpected factors that you have to deal with when creating web sites. Using WebCoach minimizes the complication with several aspects of web development, such as cross browser testing, pre-canned special effects, field validation, and many others. The code in WebCoach is guaranteed to work and is fully documented with complete examples for every script. This means that you will spend less time writing and testing your code. You can just keep on using WebCoach and depend on the code to work all of the time because bugs can only come from untested code.

1 User:  $700  $175 Maintenance
Volume discounts are available.

To purchase, contact Teamstudio at 800-632-9787 or on their web site.